Here are a list of tools and resources that I use in my Business and a lot of my clients use them as well. It includes everything from tools and resources and that I use for this website, Facebook ads, hosting webinars, landing pages, analytics and more.

Full Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links, that means if you click a link and end up buying any of the products, I will receive a small commission for referral at no extra cost to you, they just want to reward people for referring people to them. That still doesn’t affect what I have to share here anyway, I only recommend tools that I use and like. Some of these aren’t affiliate links because they may not have an affiliate program. I still would include the tool in the list if it’s one that I like to use and find useful.


When building a website, I would highly recommend due to the simplicity to setup and get started. WPBeginner has a great introduction on why you should use wordpress. You can find out more by reading here for more information.

As for WordPress Theme builders, I would recommend Wordpress Divi Theme for those getting started and for those that are looking for more advanced theme building to look at X Theme Pro.

Web Hosting

As for webhosting for your website, I personally use Guru Hosting myself, I have found their support and service very efficient and supportive when I have any issues with my websites or hosting problems. Their pricing also starts from ¬£4.99+ per month, which isn’t bad for what you need to get started.

System Automations

If you are looking for a powerful marketing automation tool that connects all your tools and systems together then check out WP Fusion as it can help you connect to anything without a developer stepping in to integrate them for you. It allows you to connect your membership site, store, learning management system, and more to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System to make sure your customers are always in sync with the profile data, lifetime values and order numbers etc.

Email Marketing

For those looking to get started in building a list or landing page to collect prospect details to generate leads, check out ActiveCampaign, I have used them for years in personal projects as well as in B2C & B2B organisations.

It’s cheap to get started and has a ton of sales & marketing automation features such as autoresponders, deal pipelines for tracking sales value and progress, list segmentation, customer lead scoring and email behaviour activities. It also has an intuitive easy to use drag and drop email template designer so that you don’t have to know HTML or any coding to build amazing designed email templates.

It connects with Facebook Custom Audiences for those that are looking to do more FB Paid Advertising, Site tracking, Forms and many more other features such as SMS, E-Commerce activities etc. A nice all-in-one package that is perfect for any start-up/SME/E-Commerce businesses or projects.

Social Media

There are many social media management tools out there, the one that I have been using is SocialBee, it handles my social media posts that I need scheduling


Agency Analytics – Use AA_PARTNER_130578″ to get 50% off your first month.


Google Analytics

Funnelytics – a cloud based software to help you Map Better Funnels to help improve on conversion rates and customer journey.