Jono Poon is a British-Born-Chinese inspired entrepreneurial solution provider, specialising in high-level inner performance and leadership, and a consultant for digital marketing strategies, system processes and business growth.

He specialises in helping businesses save time, money and scaling online to increase profit, brand recognition and social visibility.

He is also the co-founder of his company Limit Break Lifestyle, specialising in helping millennials who are lost and stuck, lonely and powerless, to create a life of freedom, love and mastery.

Jono has worked with many different mentors throughout his career.

Their knowledge and training have pushed him past his own limits to grow as an individual.

This gave Jono a whole new meaning to personal development,  allowing him to perform at a high level consistently in both personal and professional life.

Jono is a skilled facilitator in high-level inner leadership training and advanced digital leadership skills.


He provides mentoring and training for Leaders and Experts so that they can inspire their team, influence others, increase productivity and performance, improve communication and company culture.

Jono also acts as a Board Trustee for 2 charity organisations to facilitate their digital transformations, as well as supporting them in leadership management of the teams.

Jono's big mission is to create influential leaders and entrepreneurs, who inspire the lives of young people and impact the next generation of leaders.